About Me


Hi Amazing People !  ^,^

I am Chloe. I am a budding online entrepreneur, an inspired baker, a freelance make up artist and beauty service provider, an independent and cheerful woman. I love to travel and see the world. Part of a chatty and fun loving big family. A dog lover and the proud mummy of my little maltese, named Miyuki.

This blog would be the place where I share about places I have been and talk about what I know, my interests, lovely new things and happenings in my life. Maybe some cooking, baking and craft projects that I am getting myself into.

I am a Pisces, so sometimes I tend to get a little emotional. Then I lock myself away from the world to recuperate, restore and reorganise my thoughts and outlooks of life.
This is also the time I always discover new things about myself and about life.

I am a ‘self-talker’. I tend to talk to myself a lot. A lot of the things I share or will share in this place would most likely result from tonnes of self-talks and self-motivation during my ‘Me Time’.

A short phrase I will always remind myself with..

Be Who I Want To Be
Live The Life I Want
Have All the Things I Want To Have
And Be Happy About It

This phrase has brought me to places I have never been and become the strong woman I am today. I am sure I will continue doing great in my many years to come.

So let us Conquer the World and Live our Lives to the Fullest, the Best we Can !
Cheers !! p(^,^)q


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