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Brioche Bread – Bread Machine Recipe

This is the 2nd of loaf of bread I have made with my Mayer Bread Machine. This is very simple and easily achievable. I am satisfied with the result and I am quite sure I will make this again soon. My little Miyuki love the crust of this bread. (I gave her a few small pieces while I have this every morning)

I have something to confess. I saw this recipe on Pinterest, took that down on a piece of paper and forgot to Pin in onto my board !!! Now that I cannot find that pin back.. I feel so bad for not pinning it, so I can give credit to the kind soul that shared this recipe on Pinterest. So if anyone or the original author sees this post, please give me a shout out, so I can refer it back to the original post.

I considered the ingredients I have in my pantry and when I saw this recipe, I know I can do this easily. It called for milk and butter, so I am quite sure this would much better than my 1st loaf, where I got the recipe from the bread machine user manual.

So making this bread using a bread machine is a breeze. I just need to prepare the ingredients and throw everything into the machine accordingly and wait 2 hrs 20 mins and ‘Wah-La’, I have a warm and soft loaf ready. So far, I have been making my bread at night, leave it to cool and store it properly. Then have the bread for breakfast the next day onwards. Coming to think about it, I should try the delayed timer setting. So I can have nice warm bread in the morning when I wake up… that is making drool already.

So let’s come to the recipe of this bread.

Brioche Bread – Bread Machine Recipe

For a 500 gram loaf

– 1/2 cup of Milk, whole or skimmed, up to you. I used skimmed milk
– 50 gram of unsalted butter, cut into pieces, at room temperature
– 2.5 tablespoon of sugar
– 3/4 teaspoon of salt
– 1 large egg, lightly beaten, at room temperature
– 2 cups + 2 tablespoon all purpose flour
– 1 teaspoon of granulated dry yeast, not the rapid rise yeast

(1) Insert the paddle into the baking pan before adding any ingredients into it
(2) Cut the butter into cubes
(3) In a large microwavable bowl or container, heat up the milk until steaming in the microwave but do not let it boil.
(4) Pour the butter, sugar and salt into the milk, stir lightly and set aside for a couple of minutes. Let the butter, sugar and salt melt in the milk. Then whisk the mixture slightly, allowing all the ingredients to come together. Then pour the mixture into the pan.
(5) Add the beaten egg into the pan
(6) Add the flour into the pan, on top of the wet mixture. Do not mix or stir the flour into the wet mixture.
(7) Make a small indentation on top of the flour, then pour the yeast into the little hole.
(8) Insert the pan into the bread machine and lock it in place. Close the lid and choose the setting on your bread machine accordingly. For my Mayer MMBM12 machine, I used ‘Soft Bread’ , ‘500g Loaf’ , ‘Light Crust’ and then press the start button.

(9) My machine takes 2 hrs and 20 mins to get a basic soft loaf done. When its done, remove the pan from the machine carefully, tilt the pan to a 45 degree angle and gently shake the bread out of the pan. It should slip out easily. But my clumsy hands would always shake too hard and the whole loaf would smash onto my counter. That is why you see the crack on my loaf from the picture.

Let the bread rest for 5-10 mins before bringing out your knife  ! The paddle would most probably be in the bread, so what I did so far is to slice a thin slice at the bottom and remove the paddle. Then I will sink my teeth into that thin slice immediately !! Ha Ha !

This bread taste best when its warm. Spread some jam and butter over it and have with a nice cup of coffee.. Yum ! Any left over bread, wrap it up in a kitchen towel and store in an air-tight container or in a ziplock bag tightly sealed, in the fridge. Finish it up with 3-5 days.

It is important to add all the wet ingredients into the pan first, follow with the flour and lastly the yeast. Do not mix the flour and yeast into the wet mixture, always allow the machine to do the mixing for you.

Overall, I am very happy with this recipe. And I am already looking for more recipes to try out on weekly basis. Hurray !!



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